Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and battles a new threat from old history: the Soviet agent known as the Winter Sold...

Released: 2014  Stars: Chris Evans  Director: Anthony Russo  IMDB rating: 7.9 


The world's most famous monster is pitted against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

Released: 2014  Stars: Aaron Taylor-Johnson  Director: Gareth Edwards  IMDB rating: 6.8 

The Purge: Anarchy

A young couple works to survive on the streets after their car breaks down right as the annual purge commences.

Released: 2014  Stars: Frank Grillo  Director: James DeMonaco  IMDB rating: 6.7 

Get on Up

A chronicle of James Brown's rise from extreme poverty to become one of the most influential musicians in history.

Released: 2014  Stars: Chadwick Boseman  Director: Tate Taylor  IMDB rating: 7.2 


A vengeful fairy is driven to curse an infant princess, only to discover that the child may be the one person who can restore peace to their troubl...

Released: 2014  Stars: Angelina Jolie  Director: Robert Stromberg  IMDB rating: 7.3 

X-Men: Days of Future Past

The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.

Released: 2014  Stars: Patrick Stewart  Director: Bryan Singer  IMDB rating: 8.3 

The Fault in Our Stars

Hazel and Gus are two teenagers who share an acerbic wit, a disdain for the conventional, and a love that sweeps them on a journey. Their relations...

Released: 2014  Stars: Shailene Woodley  Director: Josh Boone  IMDB rating: 8.2 

Think Like a Man Too

All the couples are back for a wedding in Las Vegas, but plans for a romantic weekend go awry when their various misadventures get them into some c...

Released: 2014  Stars: Kevin Hart  Director: Tim Story  IMDB rating: 5.6 

How to Train Your Dragon 2

When Hiccup and Toothless discover an ice cave that is home to hundreds of new wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider, the two friends find t...

Released: 2014  Stars: Jay Baruchel  Director: Dean DeBlois  IMDB rating: 8.3 


A young lesbian is drugged and raped by a stranger at a party and contracts, what she thinks is, a sexually-transmitted disease - but is actually s...

Released: 2013  Stars: Najarra Townsend  Director: Eric England  IMDB rating: 5.4 

Cut to Black

A disgraced cop is hired by a wealthy former friend to rid his estranged daughter of a petty stalker.

Released: 2013  Stars: Dan Eberle  Director: Dan Eberle  IMDB rating: 4.5 

Open Grave

A man wakes up in the wilderness, in a pit full of dead bodies, with no memory and must determine if the murderer is one of the strangers who rescu...

Released: 2013  Stars: Sharlto Copley  Director: Gonzalo López-Gallego  IMDB rating: 6.2 

The Christmas Spirit

No description available

Released: 2013  Stars: Nicollette Sheridan  Director: Jack Angelo  IMDB rating: 6.1 


Fearless optimist Anna teams up with Kristoff in an epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a rac...

Released: 201  Stars: Kristen Bell  Director: Chris Buck  IMDB rating: 8.1 

White Reindeer

After an unexpected tragedy, Suzanne struggles to put her life back together during a sad, strange Christmastime in suburban Virginia.

Released: 2013  Stars: Anna Margaret Hollyman  Director: Zach Clark  IMDB rating: 5.9 

Twelve Trees of Christmas

Cheri Jamison rallies the residents of her beloved Manhattan neighborhood to participate in a Christmas tree contest when her cherished local libra...

Released: 2013  Stars: Lindy Booth  Director: Michael DeCarlo  IMDB rating: 6.8 


A woman who, after being left at the altar, has a brief liaison with a handsome stranger on a plane which ultimately puts her - and everyone else o...

Released: 2013  Stars: Lacey Chabert  Director: Richard Gabai  IMDB rating: 5 


Marco returns to Paris after his brother-in-law's suicide, where he targets the man his sister believes caused the tragedy - though he is ill-prepa...

Released: 2013  Stars: Vincent Lindon  Director: Claire Denis  IMDB rating: 6.3 

Gone Dark

Five years ago Jack faked his death. Now his little sister is hunting down his ex-partners who she thinks killed him. On top of that, the company s...

Released: 2013  Stars: Pascal  Director: Pascal  IMDB rating: 4.4 


A former DEA agent moves his family to a quiet town, where he soon tangles with a local meth druglord.

Released: 2013  Stars: Jason Statham  Director: Gary Fleder  IMDB rating: 6.8 

Christmas in the City

With the threat of having to close her father's candy store, Wendy and her six-year-old daughter Grace travel to the big city in hopes of making ex...

Released: 2013  Stars: Ashley Williams  Director: Marita Grabiak  IMDB rating: 5.9 

Army of the Damned

The filming of a hit reality TV show goes horribly wrong when a group of small town cops respond to a call that brings a whole new meaning to the p...

Released: 2013  Stars: Tony Todd  Director: Tom DeNucci  IMDB rating: 5.7 

Bonnie and Clyde

Based on the true story of Clyde Barrow, a charismatic convicted armed robber who sweeps Bonnie Parker, an impressionable, petite, small-town waitr...

Released: 2013  Stars: Emile Hirsch  IMDB rating: 6.3 


Melody, high powered corporate workaholic for a retail conglomerate, is happy to spend the holidays jet-setting with her girlfriends. However, she'...

Released: 2013  Stars: Shadia Ali  Director: Jerry Ciccoritti  IMDB rating: 5.6 


A downtrodden photographer, haunted by the urban violence and decay around him, retreats into an inner world of dark fantasies.

Released: 201  Stars: Josh Lawson  Director: Charles de Lauzirika  IMDB rating: 5.3 

The Activist

A political thriller during the Wounded Knee insurrection in 1973. Two activist are arrested and maintain in custody in a sheriff's office. They wi...

Released: 2013  Stars: Chadwick Brown  Director: Cyril Morin 

Snow Bride

No description available

Released: 2013  Stars: Jake Ryan Scott  Director: Bert Kish  IMDB rating: 6.5 

A Perfect Man

A womanizing husband inadvertently falls back in love with his wife over the phone when she pretends to be another woman.

Released: 2013  Stars: Jeanne Tripplehorn  Director: Kees Van Oostrum  IMDB rating: 4.9 

Mickey Virus

When Delhi Police comes across an unusual case revolving around hacking they seek help of an expert who thinks like them only to come across a lazy...

Released: 2013  Stars: Manish Paul  Director: Saurabh Varma  IMDB rating: 6.2 

Line of Duty

Four friends from the rough side of town grow apart when two are consumed by a life of crime, and the other two become FBI agents sent deep underco...

Released: 2013  Stars: Jeremy Ray Valdez  Director: Bryan Ramirez  IMDB rating: 4.9 

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The dwarves, along with Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey, continue their quest to reclaim Erebor, their homeland, from Smaug. Bilbo Baggins is in...

Released: 2013  Stars: Ian McKellen  Director: Peter Jackson  IMDB rating: 8.4 

Don Jon

A New Jersey guy dedicated to his family, friends, and church, develops unrealistic expectations from watching porn and works to find happiness and...

Released: 2013  Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt  Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt  IMDB rating: 7 

Ninja: Shadow of a Tear

Ninjitsu master Casey is back and out for revenge when his pregnant wife is murdered.

Released: 2013  Stars: Scott Adkins  Director: Isaac Florentine  IMDB rating: 6.4 


A westerner named Casey, studying Ninjutsu in Japan, is asked by the Sensei to return to New York to protect the legendary Yoroi Bitsu, an armored ...

Released: 2009  Stars: Scott Adkins  Director: Isaac Florentine  IMDB rating: 5.3 

Mischief Night

Young Emily Walton, who has suffered from psychosomatic blindness ever since the car accident that took her mother's life, must summon every instin...

Released: 201  Stars: Ian Bamberg  Director: Richard Schenkman  IMDB rating: 4.8 

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

A chronicle of Nelson Mandela's life journey from his childhood in a rural village through to his inauguration as the first democratically elected ...

Released: 2013  Stars: Idris Elba  Director: Justin Chadwick  IMDB rating: 6.6 

Out of the Furnace

When Rodney Baze mysteriously disappears and law enforcement fails to follow through, his older brother, Russell, takes matters into his own hands ...

Released: 2013  Stars: Christian Bale  Director: Scott Cooper  IMDB rating: 7.2 

The Banshee Chapter

Journalist Anne Roland explores the disturbing links behind her friend's sudden disappearance, an ominous government research chemical, and a distu...

Released: 2013  Stars: Ted Levine  Director: Blair Erickson  IMDB rating: 5.2 

The Employer

Five highly qualified applicants interview for a coveted job with the Carcharias Corporation, a powerful conglomerate whose business practices are ...

Released: 2013  Stars: Malcolm McDowell  Director: Frank Merle  IMDB rating: 4.3 

Touchy Feely

A massage therapist is unable to do her job when stricken with a mysterious and sudden aversion to bodily contact. Meanwhile, her uptight brother's...

Released: 2013  Stars: Rosemarie DeWitt  Director: Lynn Shelton  IMDB rating: 4.9 

Christmas Bounty

A former bounty hunter turns into an elementary schoolteacher. Determined to have a normal life and keep her bounty hunter past a secret, she reluc...

Released: 2013  Stars: Francia Raisa  IMDB rating: 4 


In the late 1800s, a fanatical religious leader, a renegade Sheriff, and a former prostitute collide in a blood triangle on the rugged plains of th...

Released: 2013  Stars: Ed Harris  Director: Logan Miller  IMDB rating: 6.1 

Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon

Travis and his team travel to China in search of what isn't supposed to exist ... their mission to capture a Cryptid which is wreaking havoc in a r...

Released: 2013  Stars: Scott Adkins  Director: Eric Styles  IMDB rating: 4 

Kiss of the Damned

The vampire Djuna resists the advances of Paolo, but soon gives in to their passion. When her trouble-making sister unexpectedly comes to visit, Dj...

Released: 2012  Stars: Joséphine de La Baume  Director: Xan Cassavetes  IMDB rating: 5.4 

Force of Execution

Plot unknown.

Released: 2013  Stars: Danny Trejo  Director: Keoni Waxman 

Enemies Closer

Deep within a forest on the US-Canadian border, two sworn enemies must work together to escape a ruthless drug cartel hell-bent on retrieving a dru...

Released: 2013  Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme  Director: Peter Hyams  IMDB rating: 8 

Rise of the Fellowship

Randall Dooley is a geek. His three best friends are geeks too. He works in a game shop, he spends all his free time playing online games, his olde...

Released: 2013  Stars: Justin Moe  Director: Ron Newcomb  IMDB rating: 4.8 

Dose of Reality

2AM, closing time: A cocky bar manager with a shady past and a young handsome bartender discover a beautiful woman bloodied and unconscious in the ...

Released: 2013  Stars: Fairuza Balk  Director: Christopher Glatis  IMDB rating: 4.1 

Saving Santa

A lowly stable elf finds that he is the only one who can stop an invasion of the North Pole by using the secret of Santa's Sleigh, a TimeGlobe, to ...

Released: 2013  Stars: Tim Conway  Director: Leon Joosen  IMDB rating: 5.3 

Jekyll Island, The Truth Behind The Federal Reserve

What's the problem with the world Economy? It's debt...too much personal debt...too much corporate debit...and most importantly, too much governmen...

Released: 2013  Stars: William T. Still 

Justin and the Knights of Valour

A young boy becomes a man as he embarks on a quest to become a knight.

Released: 2013  Stars: Antonio Banderas  Director: Manuel Sicilia  IMDB rating: 5.4 

Man of Tai Chi

A young martial artist's unparalleled Tai Chi skills land him in a highly lucrative underworld fight club.

Released: 2013  Stars: Keanu Reeves  Director: Keanu Reeves  IMDB rating: 6 

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark become targets of the Capitol after their victory in the 74th Hunger Games sparks a rebellion in the Districts o...

Released: 2013  Stars: Jennifer Lawrence  Director: Francis Lawrence  IMDB rating: 8.2 


No description available

Released: 2013  Stars: François Cluzet  Director: Philippe Godeau  IMDB rating: 5.9 

House of Good and Evil

After a family tragedy in the chaotic city, Chris and Maggie Conley, in a last-ditch effort to save their dying marriage, purchase an isolated home...

Released: 2013  Stars: Rachel Marie Lewis  Director: David Mun  IMDB rating: 4.6 

Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United

Iron Man and the Hulk team up in groundbreaking Marvel CG Animation.

Released: 2013  Stars: Adrian Pasdar  Director: Eric Radomski 

Bill Cosby: Far from Finished

Bill Cosby is "Far From Finished." In his first special in thirty years, he leaves the audience asking, "How did he get inside our house?" Whether ...

Released: 2013  Stars: Bill Cosby  Director: Robert Townsend  IMDB rating: 7.7 

K-9 Adventures: A Christmas Tale

Luke Perry stars in this heartwarming "tail." Kassie, her friends and her dog, Scoot, organize a holiday fundraiser, but must protect the cash from...

Released: 2013  Stars: Luke Perry  Director: Benjamin Gourley  IMDB rating: 5.9 

Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth

Mike Tyson's one-man show is a fascinating journey into his storied life and career.

Released: 2013  Stars: Mike Tyson  Director: Spike Lee  IMDB rating: 7.4 

Home Sweet Home

A young married couple comes home from a date night to discover that they are imprisoned in their own house with a methodical killer inside.

Released: 201  Stars: Meghan Heffern  Director: David Morlet  IMDB rating: 4.7 

Demon Empire

It is AD 924, at the end of the United Shilla Dynasty. Continuous riots sweep the land ruled by a corrupted government. Evil forces are rampant and...

Released: 2006  Stars: Jun-ho Heo  Director: Dong-oh Jo  IMDB rating: 6.3 


After years of struggling to conceive with her husband, Lizzie has given up hope of having a baby on her own. But when her best friend Andie finds ...

Released: 2013  Stars: Michelle Monaghan  Director: Jessie McCormack  IMDB rating: 4.5 

The Truth About Emanuel

A troubled young woman becomes obsessed with her mysterious new neighbor, who bears a striking resemblance to the girl's dead mother.

Released: 2013  Stars: Jessica Biel  Director: Francesca Gregorini  IMDB rating: 6.2 

The Best Man Holiday

When college friends reunite after 15 years over the Christmas holidays, they will discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and ro...

Released: 2013  Stars: Monica Calhoun  Director: Malcolm D. Lee  IMDB rating: 6.4 

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

When a full-scale war is engaged by the evil Scarran Empire, the Peacekeeper Alliance has but one hope: reassemble human astronaut John Crichton, o...

Released: 2004  Stars: Ben Browder  IMDB rating: 7.9 

Angel of the Skies

War is declared and Britain must take action against Nazi Germany if Europe is going to be saved from its ruthless clutches. Determined to beat the...

Released: 2013  Stars: Nicholas Van Der Bijl  Director: Christopher-Lee dos Santos  IMDB rating: 4.8 

Fir Crazy

Elise MacReynolds is no fan of Christmas. Growing up on a tree farm meant every holiday was spent selling Christmas trees on a cold street corner. ...

Released: 2013  Stars: Sarah Lancaster  Director: Craig Pryce  IMDB rating: 5.8 


When American soldiers inadvertently steal Attila the Hun's secret riches, the wrath of the barbarian is awakened; the mummified warrior will stop ...

Released: 2013  Stars: Chris Conrad  Director: Emmanuel Itier 

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising

Chronicles the epic battle between the Decepticons and the Autobots in their mission to defend Earth and one day restore their home planet of Cyber...

Released: 2013  Stars: Peter Cullen  Director: Vinton Heuck  IMDB rating: 6.7 

Our Universe 3D

Our solar system was the first to attract humans and filled their souls with awe and fear. At the same time brave minds had been curious about its ...

Released: 2013  Stars: Manfred Lehmann  Director: Kalle Max Hofmann  IMDB rating: 8 

Astronaut: The Last Push

When a tragic accident cuts short the first manned mission to explore life on the moons of Jupiter, Michael Forrest must make the 3 year journey ho...

Released: 2012  Stars: Khary Payton  Director: Eric Hayden  IMDB rating: 5.4 

Drinking Buddies

Luke and Kate are co-workers at a Chicago brewery, where they spend their days drinking and flirting. They're perfect for each other, except that t...

Released: 2013  Stars: Olivia Wilde  Director: Joe Swanberg  IMDB rating: 6.2 

The Day Kennedy Died

Captures the frantic rush to the local hospital, the public chaos that ensued, the quickly mobilized manhunt by law enforcement looking for a suspe...

Released: 2013  Director: Leslie Woodhead 

Bath Salt Zombies

In New York City, potent strands of bath salts have surfaced and have attracted the most devoted bath salt junkies. A young aspiring chemist has de...

Released: 2013  Stars: Josh Eal  Director: Dustin Mills  IMDB rating: 3.3 


A couple on their honeymoon in Morocco survive a deadly car accident in the middle of the desert.

Released: 2013  Stars: Frank Grillo  Director: David Marconi  IMDB rating: 4.5 

The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill

In March 1963, a black mass was held at a ruined church in Clophill, Bedfordshire by a coven of dark witches. Tombs were looted, animals sacrificed...

Released: 2013  Stars: Michael Bartlett  Director: Michael Bartlett  IMDB rating: 3.6 

Hidden Away

A woman and young daughter escape her abusive husband by faking their deaths. Eight years later she is happily living in the upscale Palm Springs w...

Released: 2013  Stars: Emmanuelle Vaugier  Director: Peter Sullivan  IMDB rating: 7.1 

Dear Mr. Watterson

A documentary film about the impact of the newspaper comic strip Calvin & Hobbes, created by Bill Watterson.

Released: 2013  Stars: Berkeley Breathed  Director: Joel Allen Schroeder  IMDB rating: 5.3 

Ocean Predators

Ocean Predators Immerse yourself deep into the ocean in search of the most dangerous predators in our seas. Unveil the mysteries of these fascinati...

Released: 2013  Director: Benjamin Eicher  IMDB rating: 5.6 


Notorious killer whale Tilikum is responsible for the deaths of three individuals, including a top killer whale trainer. Blackfish shows the someti...

Released: 2013  Stars: Tilikum  Director: Gabriela Cowperthwaite  IMDB rating: 8 

Big Ass Spider

A giant alien spider escapes from a military lab and rampage the city of Los Angeles. When a massive military strike fails, it is up to a team of s...

Released: 2013  Stars: Lin Shaye  Director: Mike Mendez  IMDB rating: 5.3 

Outpost 11

Set in an alternative past where steam power still rules the world, Outpost 11 is the story of three soldiers manning a remote listening post in th...

Released: 2012  Stars: Billy Clarke  Director: Anthony Woodley  IMDB rating: 3.9 

Free Birds

Two turkeys from opposite sides of the tracks must put aside their differences and team up to travel back in time to change the course of history -...

Released: 2013  Stars: Woody Harrelson  Director: Jimmy Hayward  IMDB rating: 5 

The Philosophers

At an international school in Jakarta, a philosophy teacher challenges his class of twenty graduating seniors to choose which ten of them would tak...

Released: 2013  Stars: Bonnie Wright  Director: John Huddles  IMDB rating: 5.7 

I Declare War

Summer war games between neighborhood kids turn deadly serious when jealousy and betrayal enter the mix.

Released: 201  Stars: Siam Yu  Director: Jason Lapeyre  IMDB rating: 5.9 

The Deep

Based on actual events, a fisherman tries to survive in the freezing ocean after his boat capsizes off the south coast of Iceland.

Released: 2012  Stars: Ólafur Darri Ólafsson  Director: Baltasar Kormákur  IMDB rating: 6.7 

The Babysitters

A teenager turns her babysitting service into a call-girl service for married guys after fooling around with one of her customers.

Released: 2007  Stars: John Leguizamo  Director: David Ross  IMDB rating: 5.7 

The Snow Queen

A mysterious presence has threatened humanity for hundreds of years as it lurks in the frozen wastes people avoid. It takes two groups of adventure...

Released: 2013  Stars: Jenny Allford  Director: Rene Perez 

Treasure Planet

A Disney animated version of "Treasure Island". The only difference is that the film is set in outer space with alien worlds and other galactic won...

Released: 2002  Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt  Director: Ron Clements  IMDB rating: 6.8 

Hotel Noir

Los Angeles, 1958: a detective holes up in a downtown hotel awaiting killers to come get him. During the course of one night he will meet various o...

Released: 2012  Stars: Malin Akerman  Director: Sebastian Gutierrez  IMDB rating: 6.1 

Queen of the Damned

The vampire Lestat becomes a rock star whose music wakes up the queen of all vampires.

Released: 2002  Stars: Aaliyah  Director: Michael Rymer  IMDB rating: 4.9 

Winnie Mandela

A drama that chronicles the life of Winnie Mandela from her childhood through her marriage and her husband's incarceration.

Released: 2011  Stars: Elias Koteas  Director: Darrell Roodt  IMDB rating: 4.9 

Hit 'n Strum

After committing a hit and run, a beautiful career woman attempts to clear her conscience by befriending her victim, a homeless but talented street...

Released: 2012  Stars: Michelle Harrison  Director: Kirk Caouette  IMDB rating: 8 

Charlie Countryman

While traveling abroad, a guy falls for a Romanian beauty whose unreachable heart has its origins in her violent, charismatic ex.

Released: 2013  Stars: Shia LaBeouf  Director: Fredrik Bond  IMDB rating: 5.7 


In New York City, Brandon's carefully cultivated private life -- which allows him to indulge his sexual addiction -- is disrupted when his sister a...

Released: 2011  Stars: Michael Fassbender  Director: Steve McQueen  IMDB rating: 7.3 


Michelle takes a job recommended by her counselor that lands her trapped in a mansion with three psychotic siblings hell bent on purging Michelle o...

Released: 2013  Stars: Kaylee DeFer  Director: Britt Napier  IMDB rating: 4 

Desperate Acts of Magic

A magician competes in an international magic competition where he goes head to head with a female street magician he has fallen in love with. This...

Released: 2013  Stars: Joe Tyler Gold  Director: Tammy Caplan  IMDB rating: 6.7